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Prep School: Seeding a different culture

20 April, 2023

Written by Diego Zuniga, graduated student from Centro ¡Supérate! Merlet and Prep School tutor. Translated by Raquel Rivera ¡Supérate! Merlet English Teacher.

Prep School is an initiative where many young students will be benefited from the knowledge of practical exercises and analysis. The idea of the program is to sow a culture, different from the one students are used to, which is ‘to think that we learn just based on a score’; even though a number or score can be relevant, Prep-School goes further away from that. The purpose is that students get interested in the learning process and they truly learn, to defeat the paradigms and create a better perception of our studying process. Prep School will sow a seed of ‘wanting a change’ in many young students’ hearts, which is the fundamental idea of the program.

Through my role as a tutor, I want to show that multiplier effect idea that once ¡Supérate! Sowed and that continues day by day though we do not always see it.

I want students to understand the perspective that through respect, discipline, and the desire to learn they can achieve their purposes. Although they could fail sometimes, the most important thing is to be persistent and never give up. I don’t pretend to be an example to follow, but I wish students to follow the ¡Supérate! Culture, a culture of receiving, multiplying, and giving back, not only in the academic but also in a social environment; because in order to become good students we must be good people as well.

I know students might be afraid to continue with the process, and it is normal, I remember I went through the same process when I was a ¡Supérate! Student, but the key is to keep trying and to have a strong desire of changing. During my process as a student, I acquired the ¡Supérate! Culture and values, I also got significant knowledge and these are the tools that are still helping me nowadays.  Therefore, there is no doubt that the Prep School project, encouraged by ¡Supérate! Culture, can produce an impact on young students.

As an industrial engineer, I want students to be able to analyze what they read and face topics based on mathematical logic, I also want them to defeat the fear of numbers and get adapted to them in an easier way. I am sure that students can break those barriers that most of the time we build to ourselves; the idea is that a symbol doesn’t cause nervousness and that mathematical problems become our allies in life. Through my knowledge in engineering, my goal is that students can face any situation by applying logic based in fact, data and applicable variables.