USAID and ¡Supérate! launch project “Digital Talent”

En ¡Supérate! Vamos por Más

28 March, 2022

Written by Julieta Cohen ¡Supérate! Fundación JUPÁ Center Director. Translated by Yessenia Gonzalez ¡Supérate! Fundación JUPÁ English Teacher.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has forced all of us educators to evaluate our educational programs, reinvent ourselves and adapt to new realities. We have been carrying on with education between virtual and semi-face-to-face instruction for two years now, always giving the Extra Mile to make sure we deliver the academic excellence that our students deserve.

¡Supérate! as a Program is no exception, which is why, for several months, we have been working together as a team to be able to live up to the demands and needs that our young people require. We want to be able to prepare future leaders with not only the technical but also the emotional tools that will allow them to function in today's world.

Once we learned about and analyzed the educational realities of our countries, we understood that it is of paramount importance to support students in the development of soft skills. We have understood that adolescents have spent a lot of time outside their educational institutions and familiar structures, which calls us educators to support and accompany them in this process of returning to school.

In addition, given the results of the international standardized tests in the region, and observing our own experience, we understood that we must reinforce reading comprehension and mathematical logical thinking in students; these are essential tools for life.

Given the rise of digitization, in the technology area we continue to add strategies that develop Digital Talent in our young people. These will allow them to acquire tools in programming that in turn, will enable them to enter the labor market. In this regard, as a program, we have achieved two new alliances – Hugo and Applaudo Studios – which strengthen institutional work through teacher training and workshops for our young people.

Moreover, today we count with all this added new teaching methodologies that virtuality has left us, the continuous update of our English and computer programs, an excellent team of professionals and the desire and passion that we all have. These generates a ¡Supérate! that is always striving for more.

Finally, since we are convinced that where there is a will, there is a way, and that education is the only tool that can change the world around us, we are proud to say that in 2022 our Centers will once again welcome students in person and we promise to always continue looking for more and better opportunities to improve their future.

¡Juntos, vamos por más!