USAID and ¡Supérate! launch project “Digital Talent”

Dreams come true!

13 June, 2022

Written by Vanessa Méndez, ¡Supérate! Grupo Q Center Director. Translated by Fredy Marquez ¡Supérate! Grupo Q English Teacher.

Imagining a different future, believing in ourselves and aspiring to achieve more, is not an easy thing to do. Many times, we invest our energy resisting change because we fear the unknown, letting external factors influence our decisions and filling ourselves with insecurities. Whenever this happens, we must remember that attitude is the key element that will guide us along the path of finding solutions, transforming problems into opportunities that will mark our lives.

We are often exposed to situations that make us doubt about ourselves, that is when we must pause to reflect, recognize and thank for all the good things in our life. Besides that, we need to surround ourselves with people who encourage us to enhance our abilities, and, above all, carry out actions that push us to raise the bar and walk the extra mile.

Since 2004, year in which the first ¡Supérate! Center was founded, to this date, many young people with a positive attitude have made the decision to Transform their lives through education, demonstrating that, with effort, commitment, dedication and a high desire of overcoming themselves, dreams come true.

For that and more, I can firmly say: Yes you can! I have had the joy of being part of the ¡Supérate! Family for over 13 years and witness the transformation experienced by the ¡Supérate! youth since the day one when they enter the Program, becoming young leaders, agents of change committed to their communities, with a constant spirit of improvement, excellence, leadership, integrity and solidarity. Despite all the personal, family, emotional, academic and social challenges they face throughout their scholarship, they firmly move forward.

Just as the caterpillar was reborn when it believed that the world had ended, despite all adversity, it grew stronger and became a butterfly. That is how our life is, that is how our ¡Supérate! students are, in the moment when they feel the desire to leave everything aside and the fatigue overwhelms them, they reborn and spread their wings, ready to trace the route and fly across borders looking for the opportunities that will lead them to success and putting into practice everything they have learned.

As Mr. Samuel Quirós, founder of Grupo Q, said: "Wise is not the one who knows a lot, wise is the one who does a lot with what he knows".

For you, for them and for the new generations to come, united in solidarity, and thanks to the unconditional support of each of the companies and foundations that believe in the potential of the youth of El Salvador and Panama, Together, we are going for more!