USAID and ¡Supérate! launch project “Digital Talent”

How did the Program start?

The idea of creating ¡Supérate! started in the year 2000 when Mr. Ricardo Sagrera Bogle and his family created the Sagrera Palomo Foundation, a non-profit foundation focused on contributing to the education of El Salvador, based on the premise that education is the most effective and powerful way for achieve social and economic development of a nation.

After a few years of analyzing the needs within education and several existing educational programs, Mr. Sagrera identified a specific opportunity to develop a program that could serve as a bridge between underprivileged youth from public schools of the San Andrés
Valley and the professional development opportunities. At the time, there was significant investment throughout the San Andrés Valley with the development of industrial parks and service companies (call centers) who needed to hire young talent who spoke English and who had computing skills: specific skills that were difficult to find in the area.

Based on this market demand, they decided to create a pilot Center in 2004 to provide high-quality training in English, computer science and values. The idea was to focus on the students from local public schools with the best academic performance, high potential, and commitment for self-improvement.

Programa ¡Supérate! was established to anticipate and meet the demands of a globalized economy in which not only English and computer science are essential skill sets, but also fundamental values that guide our youth’s lives and behavior.

This integral approach empowers youth to successfully continue their higher learning and
also successfully enter the job market, thus transforming their lives, their families and
their communities.

Meet the Founders

Ricardo Sagrera Bogle

""Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world" (Nelson Mandela)...

Arturo Sagrera Palomo

"Through Digital Talent, ¡Súperate! seeks to join a dynamic industry that offers professional careers with...