USAID and ¡Supérate! launch project “Digital Talent”

Board of Directors

Composed by the president and representatives of the concessionaires of the ¡Supérate! Program.

Ricardo Sagrera Bogle

President and Founder of the ¡Supérate! Program and Director Owner
¡Supérate! Hilasal Center

Arturo Sagrera Palomo

General Director
¡Supérate! Program

Jaime R. Palomo

Director Owner
¡Supérate! ADOC Center

María Elena Fábrega

Director Owner
¡Supérate! Fundación Alberto Motta Center

Michelle de Poma

Director Owner
¡Supérate! Fundación Poma Center

Mary Alice de Frech

Director Owner
¡Supérate! Merlet Center

Marci Mizrachi

Director Owner
¡Supérate! Fundación JUPÁ Center

Juan F. Salaverría

Director Owner
¡Supérate! Grupo Q Center

María Cristina Salazar

Director Owner
¡Supérate! Fundación Provivienda Center

Institutional Team

It is composed by Executive Director, Academic Director, Operations Director, Accounting Administrator and Projects & Communications Coordinator.

Rodrigo Bustamante

Executive Director
¡Supérate! Program

Irene Flores

Academic Director
¡Supérate! Program

Leyla de Guzmán

Operations Director
¡Supérate! Program

Saraí Aguilar

Accounting Administrator
¡Supérate! Program

Rodrigo Castro

Projects and Communications Coordinator
¡Supérate! Program