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What are employers currently seeking?

7 June, 2019

Nowadays, business sector has human capital as its most important resource for productivity. Lately, it´s acknowledged that people´s potential have an exponential impact on the results and outcomes of an organization. Social, cultural, technological, and economic changes of our world have made this fact even more evident.

Written by Ángela de Jarquín, ADOC Human Resources Director. Translated by Irvin Romero, ¡Supérate! ADOC English Teacher

In the past, employers hired people who exclusively contributed to obtaining more profits for the enterprise through the job for which they had been hired. The rationale that prevailed at that time was to “seek competitive employees who added to the results of the company”. Employers focused on identifying competences and technical skills of potential employees that would make them ideal for a specific position and that is why a lot of emphasis was put on the years of experience as a guarantee for that requirement.

Nevertheless, it is now known that for someone to wholly contribute to the success of an organization, it is indispensable to show other skills (in addition to their technical knowledge) that will make them stand out from others who only know how to do one task. This kind of people creates a competitive advantage in the short and long term; therefore, seeking them and hiring them has turned into one of the most relevant priorities in an organization.

Let’s talk a Little about these attributes:

Soft skills: Experience is not that important anymore since it has been shown that success at work is achieved through a set of skills that lead someone to constantly learn new things, solve problems or be innovative.

It is known that someone who has just graduated from university has very little experience but if he shows and maximizes his skills, there is no doubt that he will have a successful career in the world of work. 

The set of soft skills is rather wide and each employer will define those that are vital for their organization depending on their industry, strategies, or challenges in the market; however, it is common to value flexibility/ adaptability, effective communication, problem-solving skills, interest in technology, positive attitude, creativity, among others. Identify yours and make them stand out.

Cultural fit: It is one of the main areas of interest of recruiters when seeking talent since it is a fact that for an organization to work well, there must be a perfect synchronization between people and the culture of the company.  It is a two-way relationship: the values and behaviors of its members produce a culture that is lived in the organization, and at the same time, organizational culture -with its values- determine the kind of person that can fit in.

Knowing the values promoted in a company and evaluating how compatible they are with your personal values is a vital task that must be done when applying for a job… It will definitely be one of the most demanding requirements that your future employer will check.

Meaningful work: There are many reasons why someone works, some of them are obvious (to earn money) while some others are not (to help a cause). The way people look at their job, the meaning they give to it and the connection with their mission in life, is vital to determine the personal fulfillment they have and, as a result, to create a positive impact on the organization for which they work.

Identifying your calling and turning it into your job is one of the greatest responsibilities you have with yourself because, not only will it make you more attractive to recruiters, but it will also transform you into a happy person, eager to make the world a better place. Employers will focus more and more on seeking people passionate with what they do because, whether you will have to work with clients, analyze data, or be part of a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), your passion will leave a positive mark and will turn you into someone worthy to the organization to which you belong.

Desire for belonging: Loving the opportunity to belong to an organization and make your career in it may be the icing on the cake for any employer. This characteristic is the hardest to find as it must be genuine and to make it last, it takes the commitment of both parties: The organization and the people in it.

Possibly, this feeling must be similar to that of belonging to a family, in which there is reciprocal and unconditional love and each member feels responsible for the well-being of the others. It is this commitment that keeps everyone together to achieve extraordinary results.

Remember that education, technical skills and experience always take an important place in the requirements enterprises seek in their workers; therefore, take advantage of the opportunity to study and continuously learn. Just keep in mind that these aspects are not the only ones that define your potential, nor are they the most important.