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Solidarity Bond

22 June, 2020

Written and translated by Connie Motta, Fundación Alberto Motta Board of Directors.

Let us look at our future with hope.  We should be solidary, collaborating and contributing with those in need.  Remember that help starts with the little actions, and if each one of us helps, the multiplier effect can have a great impact.  Be thankful every day because you are safe, offer your help in the daily households, call a friend just to say hello and touch bases, work in teams to contribute with neighbors and nearby communities.  Our individual empathy and generosity add on to a collective dimension that can lead to an essential impact and change in the lives of others.

Remember that all obstacles we overcome, or defeat will make us stronger. It is in times like this that we need to go through self-acceptance and have patience with one self, live in acceptance, focused in the positive aspects of the situation.  With this I mean to unconditionally value and appreciate all parts of your personality.  We should encounter the situation, letting it transform us into better human beings, this is the way to overcome difficulties.

It is through global solidarity that we can overcome this pandemic.  It is time to reinvent oneself, preserving the sense of social solidarity that this life experience has had provoked.