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Building citizenship means building peace, freedom and union

17 September, 2019

September is a month when all Salvadorans talk about independence. We discuss historical dates and reflect on the present of our country. This time, I want to lead you to think of a word that complements the feeling of freedom and union, the word citizenship.

Written by Elvia Mondragón, ¡Supérate! CASSA San Miguel Graduate. Translated by Fredy Márquez, ¡Supérate! Grupo Q English Teacher.

Luis Moreno, in his article named “Citizenship, social inequality and welfare state”, explains that the term citizenship in the 21st century is understood as “the condition of belonging and participation in the “politeya”, or political organization where the members of a society are integrated”. Also, it broadens the concept and describes that we can understand it as a “status conformed by access to basic resources for the exercise of rights and duties”.

At first glance, the meaning of citizenship sounds complicated or tedious, however, it is easier to understand it as the union between the citizen and the state to which he belongs.

Nowadays, in the midst of a social environment so unequal, confusing, and to some extent hostile in social networks and in everyday life, it becomes necessary to emphasize the concept of "citizenship in social networks".

To do citizenship in digital channels such as social networks, means managing yourself through real accounts, not fake, respecting other users opinions, tolerating that your opinion is not an absolute truth and understanding that networks are a space for dialogue that can enhance democracy or minimize it. In this month of such historical importance it is necessary to reflect on what we need to build and de-build.

Let's build a culture of peace in our everyday life, regarding the digital area, let's work on conflict resolution to reach agreements and country consensus. As Salvadoran citizens, we have the right and duty to ensure the further development of our nation, not only in the economic, but also in the social and human parts. A society focused on the practice of values ​​that create respect and empathy for others.

Let us deconstruct misinformation with greater education, let's be self-taught people, let's analyze media and political events. Let us study the causes and consequences of the facts, let us verify the information. Let us do more citizen comptroller by questioning our rulers or public officials.

This general context of the country deserves that we live up to it and that we commit ourselves to ensure respect for human rights and also to fulfill our duties.

We can build democracy, taking our share, working responsibly, contributing in our community and being dedicated to our studies and the place where we study. Actions such as dumping garbage in the right place foster a culture of peace. Actions such as voting, participating in non-partisan and partisan political processes, also build democracy.

In the ¡Supérate! Program, we promote and practice values, we have 5 that represent what we are: solidarity, integrity, leadership, overcoming and excellence. Join us to practice them and to promote peace, kindness and respect.

These values ​​are promoted within our ¡Supérate! culture. They define us as students, teachers, principals, allies and sponsors because they have taught us that if we practice them we can promote citizenship.

Finally, let's reflect on the practice of valuing the people around us, respecting differences and being supportive, promoting peace and growth for our country.

Walk the extra mile, give back and raise the bar.