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Walking the Extra Mile

26 February, 2020

Increasing Personal Brand Value 

Written by Erick Gerónimo, ¡Supérate! Merlet Graduate. Translated by Soraya Marroquín, Andrea Cruz and Oscar Ayala, ¡Supérate! Merlet English Teachers.

I remember very clearly the first time I heard one of the calls to action from the ¡Supérate! Program: “Walk the Extra Mile”. I didn’t understand at once because I had just recently joined the program at Centro ¡Supérate! Merlet.

In spite of the short time I had spent in the center, I was able to have a better understanding of what it meant to “Walk the Extra Mile”. Through my English, Core Values and Computers classes and other extracurricular activities, I learned that it meant to give more than what is expected. For example, when the teacher assigned an oral presentation, our main goal as students was to exceed out teacher’s expectations.

Practicing this call to action since becoming a ¡Supérate! student has been significantly useful, not only for me but for every former student that has started their higher education studies where the academic demand is more challenging.

During this stage, where all students begin to develop professionally, it is very important to have a constant practice of values and to walk the extra mile. The lack of values or giving less than what is expected, results in lesser opportunities for the future. Therefore, walking the extra mile gives that extra value to personal branding that many employers are looking for. In other words, personal brand value is not only the knowledge that can be acquired, but rather the combination of values with knowledge and professional abilities.

Putting into practice this call to action must be the start of a positive change in our homes, with those close to us: friends, classmates, and work colleagues.

It is very important to highlight the multiplier effect that can result when we practice this call to action constantly. Salvadoran communities and our society can improve little by little if we support each other and give more than what’s expected.

What we learned at age 15 can have a positive impact that can be shared with those who didn’t have the opportunity to receive all the knowledge and learning that ¡Supérate! gave to all those who were part of the program.