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¡Supérate! a life changing opportunity

1 September, 2020

Written by Mariana Gómez, ¡Supérate! JUPÁ Graduate. Translated by Dino Kirten, ¡Supérate! JUPÁ vice principal.

I'd like to start by sharing my experience at the Centro ¡Supérate! Fundación JUPÁ.

I remember this experience as if it were yesterday and it always be with with me. When the news came to me that I had been chosen to be part of this Program of Excellence, I honestly had no idea what it would be like or the sacrifice it would entail. At first I was terribly afraid  I would not get to attain the required level, but during the process I realized that I was not only being given the opportunity to learn a new language, but rather, to learn to overcome my fears to move forward with my schooling, as well as to grow as a person.

As students we tend to want results immediately. Changing that perspective was my biggest lesson after my three years at  Centro ¡Supérate! JUPÁ.  Having learned English, information technology and long term values was what pushed me to pursue my dreams of studying abroad, which did not come easy, but it proved worthy having knowledge of the English language as a solid support when I was granted the scholarship to study International Business at Cesar Ritz Colleges located in Switzerland.

While there I put into practice what I had learned in English, and everything about applications such as Word and Excel made me stand out in my assignments. I understood that what I learned in the Centro ¡Supérate! JUPÁ became a plus needed in our educational system.

I encourage you guys not to be afraid to take the challenge. ¡Supérate! is a great opportunity that will change many aspects of your lives for the better.  Don't lose faith in your potential, much less deny yourself the opportunity to acquire more knowledge, which, on the long run you would find quite helpful.

The road ahead of us is not easy, life is full of obstacles but opportunities like those provided at the Centro ¡Supérate! JUPÁ are there to helps us to surpass each hurdle and make them small before our eyes.